About Us

Worlds Mall, Inc. (the "Company") was incorporated on March 10, 2011 under the laws of the State of Nevada. The Company plans to develop an e-commerce website that will connect retail stores with customers around the world. We believe that companies tend to market their e-commerce websites within the country or region that they are from and only to customers that speak the language of their country. Our goal is to globalize the retail market by eliminating language barriers along and providing better exposure to such companies. Worlds Mall wants to be a portal for retail sellers to connect to the world. Worlds Mall Inc. is planning on designing and building a virtual 3D website that will allow customers to navigate through a virtual mall of a country of their choice. If a customer in the United States chooses to visit a mall in Italy they will click on or do a search for Italy which will take them to a virtual mall that will display stores based in Italy. The site will translate the language based on the customer’s country of origin. Worlds Mall Inc. will help the smaller retailers with e-commerce sites reach a much larger customer base.

Worlds Mall's website will be designed to be user friendly to a person who speaks any of the nine languages that the company will translate. Each store that advertises on our website will be responsible for the e-commerce transaction and shipping the product(s) between them and their customer. Worlds Mall Inc. will only charge retailers a small monthly fee of US$29.00 to have a link on their site but estimates that it will generate the majority of its revenue from 'pay per click' advertising.